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Altocumulus with an Edge

Altocumulus with an Edge

The deeper one examines this scene, the more complex it becomes. All the altocumulus was sandwiched between a band of lower altostratus (silhouetted above horizon) and a golden little ribbon of cirrus. Differences in vertical motion led to the wavy structure of the more broken altocu field at right, within which there appeared to be several wave trains of different orientation. From right to left, there was a primarily subsident gap, quite a contrast to the hard-edged sheet of salmon hue that dominated the scene. The more solid deck was deep enough -- probably several thousand feet -- to lend thickness of texture and shadowing to its near edge. And what of the "bite" out of the side, at lower middle? An enthusiast can study many cloud photos this way, with great fascination and curiosity about the processes that could render such forms. Best of all, this was purely fun to behold!

Norman OK (6 Jan 2) Looking WSW