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Sunrise, Sunset

Aerial Sunrise

Aerial Sunrise

The onset of daylight silhouettes thin ribbons of cirrus at 35,000 feet. Above, a clean sky, uncontaminated by the smog and dust of the low levels, frames the sunrise with a progressive blue glow resembling a giant amphitheater. Soothing but fleeting, this layer cake of hues soon vanished in the face of the rising sun's piercing radiance. Low-light photography from a moving object -- even an airplane -- is at the mercy of trail and error (more error than trial!). Not only must one contend with the vibrations of the hand and of the plane itself, and a short time span before the scene changes too much or disappears, but the difficulty of finding a clean, unscratched window not over the wing, and where no one else is sitting.

Over south-central MO (4 Dec 0), looking SE.