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The Majestic Supercell

Stubble Trouble

Stubble Trouble

The pounded remains of the prior year's corn stubble also made a fine metaphor for this scenic but weatherbeaten-looking storm. Previously a high-based but heavy-precipitation supercell, its near-forward flank region was hammered by a merging left-mover about an hour before. This, combined with the storm's own outflow, cut off any warm-moist, surface-based inflow air, rendering what was left into a declining and elevated skeleton of its once robust form. The left-mover had peeled off another supercell farther SE that itself had died soon after the split. In short, the atmosphere was decidedly unfriendly to right-moving supercells in eastern Colorado on this day. The left-mover's heavy rain left these puddles--an indirect testament to its penchant for deleterious cold-pool production.

14 S Akron CO (13 Jun 11), Looking NW