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Colder Coronal Reflection

Colder Coronal Reflection

A colored corona, lost for both eyeball and camera in the glare of a fog-diffused sun, appeared as a reflection on calm Pacific waters at low tide. This was over two years after, 20 degrees F colder, and 2855 miles farther northwest in the opposite corner of the country, compared to my previous photograph of coastal coronal reflections with islands--but no less peaceful and fulfilling. I had hiked a few miles on a hilly and sometimes slippery trail to reach this beach on the westernmost point of the conterminous USA. Having had a picnic lunch on the bare rock of a sea stack, then relaxing a little with seals barking in the distance on a different rock, this scene was a rewarding bonus.

Ozette WA (24 Jul 11), looking WSW.