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The Majestic Supercell

Flash in the Forward Flank

Flash in the Forward Flank

A brilliant cloud-to-ground stroke illuminated the forward-flank region of a classic nighttime supercell, just about the same time as the Anadarko tornado began to move into town, unseen to our west. In fact, being a wide-angle view, this flash was much closer than it looks; in-cloud lightning raced across the sky overhead, and the storm as a whole was closing in. We packed our gear to leave right after this shot, and upon driving back to the highway, saw multiple, brilliant power flashes from within Anadarko. The tornado was tearing through town! Although I love this shot, we had to go, and the rear-flank region of this storm (near the mesocyclone) had very little lightning, a part of me wishes I had the camera pointed westward instead.

3 WSW Verden OK (13 May 9), Looking NE