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Angular Atmosphere

Angular Atmosphere

Being a nonlinear, often chaotic fluid, seldom does the atmopshere give us such an uncanny intersection of visual lines and angles! A complex of thunderstorms to the right heaved forth a load of cold outflow air that undercut warm and moist surface air, forming the shelf cloud that points toward the left. Meanwhile, far above and behind the shelf, the southern anvil edge caught the waning rays of the setting sun. I was fortunate enough to be in precisely the right place to catch a rare symmetry of lines across land and sky. All of this was going on above the tabletop-flat Llano Estacado country between Lubbock and the New Mexico border, a land itself long defined on maps by intersecting lines of straight highways and township-range survey grids made easy by the virtually oceanic flatness of the topography.

3 SE Morton TX (1 Jun 7) Looking W