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The Wall Cloud Wall

Wall Cloud and Wildflowers

Wall Cloud and Wildflowers

(Part 1 of 3) Treat yourself to three pieces of eye candy, courtesy of a midafternoon supercell which formed near Anton, NW of Lubbock. There's nothing quite like a wall cloud and wildflowers to complement any story of the Great Plains! Note the low-hanging tail cloud extending NNE (rightward), from the wall cloud to the top of the rain foot produced by the intense core at right. Rain-cooled air was being drawn into the wall cloud in that region. The vault area, at top right, was electrically active as usual, producing only occasionally visible cloud-cloud (CC) lightning but nearly continuous low thunder. I stayed put and let the wall cloud move closer...

5 NW Shallowater TX (9 Jun 97) Looking WNW