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Anvil Zit

Anvil Zit

Cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-air lightning in the anvil region, close to a supercell's updraft, can be fast and furious. This unique breed of lightning, which is almost continuous much of the time, is observed almost exclusively with supercells. Lacking a formal name, the chaser slang "anvil zit" has caught on as the most common term for this subspecies of lightning. This is not my favorite moniker for it (zit=pimple, right?)...but I doubt something more accurate (like vault flash) will take over! :-) To this point, the supercell had produced at least one confirmed tornado, a separate picturesque wall cloud and numerous reports of hail larger than baseballs. Not yet finished after 5 hours of mayhem across the eastern Texas Panhandle, it would later drop a downburst before finally expiring in the Red River valley north of Vernon TX.

2 E Kirkland TX (20 May 99) Looking ENE