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The Majestic Supercell

Apricot Light

Apricot Light

The fading day's rays shone fruitfully upon convectively sculpted cloud towers of a supercell receding away from us and across the northwestern outskirts of the Oklahoma City area. We had intercepted a briefly tornadic supercell farther north, watched it disintegrate, then headed over to this, the succeeding storm. That move was well worth the effort! This supercell followed us eastward for about an hour. Instead of making a desperate run after a storm with fleeting, weak tornado potential, under dimming daylight, we decided to appreciate it from afar after tracking it for about an hour and a half. So we let it pass by, simply sitting (having packed lawn chairs, no less!) and soaking in the beauty of this sunlit, rotating thunderhead. The rear-flank gust front of the supercell spawned the long, low band of clouds extending outward toward us, then to rear left.

2 N Hinton OK (27 Mar 4) Looking NE