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Sunrise, Sunset

Half Seen Sun, Soon None

Half Seen Sun, Soon None

Crepuscular rays blaze beyond the clouds' golden lining, the sunshine's encore appearance fleeting but brilliant, turbulent skies of abandoned storms retreating ever more distant toward the opposite horizon unseen. The routines of life beckon soon, as does the long, hot summer. With this annual metaphor of the last chase day's sundown, almost ritual but never identical, so ends another storm season. As reality fades to memory, a storm observer's thoughts reflect on the spring that was, roads near and far, close calls and near misses, what we did, who we saw, where we went, the wet and the dry, the fury and the fascination, the beauty and the destruction, all the while already dreaming of springtimes ahead and stormy skies to behold anew, somewhere out there along those windswept highways of the Great Plains.

5 SSW Davis OK (17 Jun 6), looking WNW