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Arcus over Turtle Mountains

Arcus over Turtle Mountains

[Part 1 of 4] Behind the previous evening's supercell-laden cold front, behind post-frontal rains in the morning, and beneath a cold-core, upper-level low, just enough moisture lingered to support one more round of storms. We had penetrated the morning rain on the way westward, targeting not convection, per se, but instead a couple of days of rest and relaxation in the so-called Turtle Mountains (actually a low plateau). The moist boundary layer heated just enough in the sunshine to support a short, shallow, scenic squall line. Once we noticed that convection forming in the wooded terrain to the west, we stopped and waited for it to emerge on the east side of the hills. This was the beautiful sight that resulted--looking headlong at the oncoming outflow current beyond some deeply verdant cropland. Notice the sunlight streaming through the clouds above the shelf--it really was low-topped!

3 NW Rolla ND (10 Jun 12) looking WSW