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Towering Cumulus over the Gulf Stream

Towering Cumulus over the Gulf Stream

Land-breeze towering cumulus bubbles offshore in the morning. Amidst weak low level flow, as the land cools faster than the water, dense and relatively cool air flows seaward late at night and near sunrise. Lift along the edge of this land-breeze front forms convective clouds like these -- which can become strong thunderstorms if there is even more lift and/or instability. Near a north-south coastline -- such as in South Florida, lift along the land-breeze front is usually strongest when the low level winds otherwise are from the east -- directly toward the front. This scene was a tranquil tropical treat. When you're pondering what to do with a big guitarfish you just caught, why not pull out the camera and snap a picture -- of the clouds! I kept and ate the guitarfish, by the way; and it was quite delicious.

North Miami Beach FL (20 Feb 90) Looking E