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Dragging a Dust Plume

Dragging a Dust Plume

[Part 1 of 4] After the brief but scenic Phillips tornado had spun its way north of the highway and dissipated, a second tornado developed from the same mesocyclone. At first, this one similarly lft a long gap between condensation funnel and small debris cloud. That soon would change as it got closer! In the meantime, however, a dense plume of non-rotating dust rose off nearby plowed fields south of the tornado and moved northward, eventually becoming entrained in an expanded plume of dust and debris directly related to the tornado vortex. Storm chase vehicles, including the passenger car beaming its headlights into the view, accumulated thickly on both sides of this tornado, since the storm closely followed a flat, open, easily navigable highway.

6 W Aurora NE (17 Jun 9), Looking W