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Early Aurora Tornado

Early Aurora Tornado

[Part 2 of 4] I ran across the street to get this wide angle view of the growing Aurora tornado, loudly but gratefully requesting that the driver of the other chase vehicle kill his headlights. The dust plume from the previous shot had been absorbed into the main debris fan. Meanwhile, a subtle but beautiful turquoise tinge encircled the tornado vortex at cloud base, while bottom-lit scud in the foreground (which was nearly overhead) orbited the mesocyclone from left to right. The whole lighting of the scene was taking on a classically silhouetted appearance, reminiscent of the old black-and-white shots that graced the inner plates of weather books from the mid-1900s. Realizing this at the time, and having ready getaway options, I stayed at this location for a few minutes and let the tornado move directly toward me for more intimate photography.

6 W Aurora NE (17 Jun 9), Looking W