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Churning Closer

Churning Closer

[Part 3 of 4] The vortex was both expanding and approaching, moving directly toward me while stripping countless tons of topsoil from the field occupying the second half-section to our west. This normally would be a rather unsettling situation for most observers, yet I was fully aware and at peace with it. See, the car was pointed east, the engine running well, several escape routes available in different directions, and Elke at the wheel ready (and eager!) to go. As such, I felt safe as could be under the circumstance, and was content to let the Aurora tornado approach within less than a mile away, its whooshing sound quite easily heard by now, its looming and menacing presence filling the viewfinder, its majesty and power at once threatening and alluring. Shortly after this shot, we respectfully but calmly bailed east a bit. The tornado would pass over this spot at peak strength and maturity within just a few minutes as I photographed its crossing the road from a greater distance.

6 W Aurora NE (17 Jun 9), Looking WSW