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Cumulus Humilis, Badlands

Cumulus Humilis, Badlands

While anticipating storm development along the dryline, we waited not at some gas station or small town pizza joint to its east, but instead, in the desolately dissected landscape of Badlands National Park. We knew the dryline would move east of us 30-40 miles; indeed, it was mixing eastward through our location at the time of this photograph. The cumulus clouds were becoming high based and moisture starved, hence their ragged, almost fractus-like appearance. Still, given the great visibility and expected slow movement of storms on this day, we knew we could catch up to the dryline as soon as necessary (storm formation). Until then, our time in the Badlands was well worth the short westward detour. After time for a leisurely lunch and some hiking, a thunderhead exploded into the eastern sky, and the intercept was underway.

2 NE Interior SD (11 Jun 3) Looking NE