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Another Convective Great Plains Sunset

Another Convective Great Plains Sunset

History doesn't repeat itself perfectly, especially in the atmosphere. Fluid chaos ensures that every instant of sky and weather is unique among every other that ever has occurred, or ever will. This is an amazing and wonderful truth for any dedicated weather observer or photographer! Sometimes, though, déjà vu sets in, and one gets the overwhelming sensation of having lived this experience before. Such was the case here, except that I remembered it right away. The previous experience, though also in the Nebraska panhandle, was a little different in that the responsible storm five years before was young and growing; while this time, the clouds formed on outflow from the demise of what had been a photogenic, mature supercell. Hey, if the atmosphere keeps treating me to wonderful sunset skies like this over the same area, then I'll just keep coming back for more!

10 NE Berea NE (17 Jun 8), looking WNW