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The Majestic Supercell

Storm Structure Slopes

Storm Structure Slopes

Headed N out of Alliance, we made an irresistible but quick stop to shoot the Carhenge Supercell's early mature growth, then settled into a fine observation point, amidst a most pleasing Great Plains landscape of wheat fields bisected by a lonesome gravel road. The storm was becoming outflow-dominant, its unusually straight-sloped flanking line riding atop the rear-flank gust front. The primary updraft region, at right, still stayed rooted in the boundary layer and showed pronounced rotation, building a picturesque wall cloud for our viewing pleasure. The sloping inflow tail somewhat mirrors the flanking line on a smaller scale, giving the storm a remarkably angular appearance and hintng at the corkscrewing trajectories of the air on the whole storm's scale.

10 NE Berea NE (17 Jun 8), looking N