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The Wall Cloud Wall

Tall Wall beyond the Wheat

Tall Wall beyond the Wheat

This high plains beauty didn't last very long, but made a couple of spellbound storm observers pay very close attention for several minutes. Although the parent supercell was outflow-dominant, the resulting rush of cold air from the precip at left held back just enough, in the face of strong inflow winds, to allow a tight, deep, narrow mesocyclone in low levels. Vertical motion up the right wall was as fast as I've seen, while the lightly shaded cloud material rotated left to right, around the near side. As far as we could tell, it was nontornadic, but still marvelous in its sculpted form, wild motions, and snug fit inside the circular, chambered cloud base above.

10 NE Berea NE (17 Jun 8), looking NE