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Night Lightning

Silhouetting by Sparks

Silhouetting by Sparks

Bright, frequent lightning at a safe distance affords storm observers a great opportunity to track the evolution of cloud features. This storm had been a supercell and was merging into a cluster of newly developed cells to become a mesoscale convective system (MCS). The "scud stogie" at right had been part of the primary rear-flank storm updraft, but weakening buoyancy in the area caused it to separate from the main storm (at right rear). Still, there was enough lift at cloud base to maintain a small wall cloud, which would dissipate soon after. The nearly continuous electrical display either silhouetted or cast aglow other convective and precipitation structures also. Note the bright strike at right, traveling from one updraft tower into another, across a cloud-free chamber.

3 NNE Scottsbluff NE (31 May 3) Looking ESE