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Night Lightning

Plasma Sampling 1

Plasma Sampling

A highly electrified supercell in the Nebraska Panhandle receded slowly over gentle eastern hillocks, flinging filaments of plasma through every nook and cranny of its convective structure. Such wonders often await the patient observer who chooses to stay within view and behold the ongoing spectacle of the sky, long after sundown has rendered futile other desired aspects of storm watching. In this event, two of us used at least eight 36-exposure rolls of film, across two brands and three ISO speeds at several focal lengths, using two camera bodies and at least four different lenses. So electrically prolific was this storm that there was almost no slide among them all that failed to catch sharply defined lightning channels.

3 NNE Scottsbluff NE (31 May 3) Looking ESE

Plasma Sampling 2