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Scottsbluff Bow: North Side

Scottsbluff Bow: North Side

[Part 1 of 3] Accreting upscale from a blend of high-based supercells and outflow-dominant multicells, a tremendous bow echo formed W of Scottsbluff and roared over town with increasingly better-defined outflow-cloud features, captivating yet menacing, and wasting no haste in churning directly at us. The severe-wind producing system chased us in stepwise fashion as we stopped to photograph it, then drove many miles before stopping again. Here, the north side of the bow roared along beneath fibrous streamers of ice-crystal clouds radiating outward from the implied center of the storm complex. Only around the periphery of hurricanes have I ever seen this radial cirrus quite so well-defined--except these were silhouetted beneath the anvil canopy.

1 E Minatare NE (16 Jun 11) looking WNW