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Night Lightning

Sizzling Convection 1

Sizzling Convection

After following a pleasantly behaved supercell through sunset, we let the storm pass safely to our E in anticipation of the opportunity to shoot a few lightning photos. We set up our tripods along an agricultural canal north of Scottsbluff for what turned into a furious barrage of in-cloud and cloud-to-air flashes, as only a bonafide supercell can muster. The storm simply wouldn't let up as it receded farther to the SE. A few photos, indeed...for over an hour, Elke and I shot an astounding eight rolls of film! The images seen here represent just a couple out of many more like them. I hadn't taken many lightning photos in the preceding few years; and this storm was a refreshing catcher-upper. When not holding down the shutters, we were gazing with wonder at the beautiful display, the short cliffs behind us and the countryside around us all aglow in the strobe effect of the nearly continuous flashes. So much lightning was happening within the storm over the span of just a few seconds' exposure time that its rear-flank precip cascade and flanking towers were lit in fantastic detail.

3 NNE Scottsbluff NE (31 May 3) Looking ESE

Sizzling Convection 2