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Frozen Mayhem

Frozen Mayhem

The weight of about an inch of accumulated ice on its limbs became too much for the twisted trunk of a very old tree, which was nearly three feet in diameter where it busted. The rest of the tree (unseen, to the left of this 24 mm wide-angle view) still stands. It will be allowed an opportunity to recover because of a large, nearly vertical branch that remains intact just below the location of the break, about 30 feet above ground level. I was outside and nearby when this fell, but fortunately, wasn't standing underneath! Weighing several tons, this trunk sounded a loud report when it split, before crashing through and demolishing a couple of smaller, also ice-coated trees on its way down. My chainsaw went through a tank of gas and couple of doses of bar and chain oil just in carving up this big hoss alone.

Norman, OK (10 Dec 7), looking SW