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Washed and Dried

Washed and Dried

Accentuated by the near-sunset light, small-animal tracks punctuated a sloping swale of coarse sand, its ripples and channeling emplaced when the last downpour set loose across these soft and easily crumbled Permian red beds. This dry wash lies at the very southern edge of the Red River drainage (via the Wichita River), eventually pouring into Louisiana. Just a hundred yards or so farther south and across US-82, which rides the crest of a topographic divide, water from the same storm would spill into the Brazos River, and eventually, the Texas coast. Given the deep gullying and expansive erosion for miles around, it may be only a few hundred years or less until runoff from either side undercuts the road bed and takes it down, without some kind of engineering intervention.

4 ENE Benjamin TX (16 Feb 10) Looking NW