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Torrential Turbulence

Torrential Turbulence

This is a photo I shouldn't have been able to shoot. Deep, murky and intensely turbulent water raced past, just downstream from wide open floodgates of Lake Texoma's dam. Only a flimsy chain-link fence here and a few easily penetrable bars there held back throngs of sightseers -- some of whom stupidly dared to sit atop the bars and above this raging torrent. The result would have been unsurvivable for any of the beer-swilling revelers who might have lost their balance and fallen in, with crowd control practically nonexistent. As it was, I felt uneasy behind the bars and on firm ground, with only the camera lens poking through, because that ground was rumbling noticeably.

2 S Cartwright OK (8 Jul 7) Looking SSW