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Beyond 190 Miles

Beyond 190 Miles

Multiple areas became apparent on the morning forecast charts for supercell potential: one close to our southeasternWyoming starting point, one far, and one very far. After very little happened at the closest (southwestern SD), and nothing at the far (northwestern SD), it was too late to get to the very far (east-central to northeastern MT). Instead we eased our pace, cruised toward our night's lodging in Bowman, and "settled" for a spell to appreciate this splendid sunset. The sky was textured richly by a nearby deck of cirrus clouds and far-away convective buildups. How distant? As it turned out, the seemingly small cumulonimbus hiding the setting sun was a supercell--in the farthest potential target area, and around 190 miles away! Yes, the visibility out there indeed can be that good.

10 S Bowman ND (8 Jun 12), looking NW