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Bradshaw: Big Picture

Bradshaw: Big Picture

[Part 2 of 2] Absolutely classical supercell cloud structures highlight a wide-angle view around what became known as the Bradshaw tornado (even though it was closer to Henderson and Hampton during different points of its lifespan). The forward-flank core and tail cloud area appear at distant right. The occlusion downdraft's clear slot cuts into the cloud base (along with some hook-echo precipitation) to the near-left of the tornado, while the cloud base above the rear-flank gust front arcs off to the left. Some of the main mesocyclonic updraft's convective towers can be seen above and slightly rightward of the tornado; they were rotating also. Amazing as this view was, we soon needed to get back on the road and catch back up to the storm to see its next tornadic cycle.

3 NE Henderson NE (20 Jun 11), Looking NW