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Bronze Glow

Bronze Glow

Newly arrived from somewhere westward over the Gulf of Mexico, a dense swath of cirrostratus threatened to rob me of a fine Florida Bay sunset with a line of towering cumulus clouds as foreground. Then, as if benevolently, some distant and unseen thinness in the obscuration allowed warm tones into the visible sky, diffused smoothly across the high clouds, all lending a wonderfully subtle, pastel glow that the bay water obliged to reflect. Only a minute or two more of this soothing scene, and the glow faded, while a thick non-meteorological cloud began to descend on one photographer in the form of voracious salt-marsh mosquitoes. For a brief moment, however, the entire world seemed to stop, rest and admire the sky, the only sound being gently lapping water and the occasional splash of a jumping fish.

Flamingo FL (3 Dec 9), looking SW