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Virga Blow

Virga Blow

On the way from one dying set of storms in Colorado to another still getting organized inthe Oklahoma Panhandle, we passed by this high-based shell of a former supercell that had drifted out of northeastern New Mexico. Scenic but devoid of substantial convective structure, we didn't want to linger long with this storm; in fact, this shot was courtesy of being stuck behind a stoppage of traffic in a one-lane road-work zone. In retrospect, the roadwork was worth the wait. Strong gusts already gave us ample evidence of downburst action nearby related to the virga cascading from aloft; long plumes of dust would rise from outflow winds after we got moving again. This type of weather is an aviator's nightmare, as dry microbursts can shoot downward from almost anywhere under the cloud canopy of such storms.

4 N Boise City OK (11 Jun 11) Looking W