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Daytime Lightning

Midday in New Mexico

Midday in New Mexico

Days of late spring and early summer often find just enough low level moisture banked up against the Raton Mesa and nearby volcanic hills to support late morning through late afternoon thunderstorm development. This area is a reliable factory for storms, as the elevated terrain gets heated and the atmosphere begins to overturn sooner than the surrounding landscape. This was one of several towering strokes from within this thunderstorm, a couple of which I was able to capture during shutter releases. What is it about New Mexico and daytime lightning photo opportunities? It is the central and southern Plains state in which I have spent the least time, but captured the most daytime atmospheric pyrotechnics. The Land of Enchantment has done exactly that for me as a sky observer and photographer.

3 NNE Capulin NM (3 Jun 7) looking S