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Sunrise, Sunset

Sunset Sky over Carhenge

Sunset Sky over Carhenge

An earlier supercell storm, which had formed a fantastically shaped wall cloud, soon heaved forth a pool of cold air. That may have been the cooldown for a storm chase, but it was just the warmup for the evening's photography. Above the old storm's puddle of outflow, and above the whimsical western Nebraska monument known as Carhenge, these warmly toned chunks of scud rose at sunset. Part homage to the famous Druid structure in England, part memorial to creator Jim Reinders' deceased father, and entirely an offbeat landmark of Great Plains Americana, this iconic sculpture consists of 38 cars and pickups, spray-painted gray and arranged in proportion to the modern remains of the original Stonehenge.

3 NNE Alliance NE (17 Jun 8), looking SW