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The Majestic Supercell

The Carhenge Supercell

The Carhenge Supercell

After nearly giving up on the storm observing day and unloading our provisions in an Alliance motel room, some storms rolled SE off the Black Hills, surfing a gust front from earlier activity. One of these storms erupted into aclassic supercell not far N of town, so we decided to head out and take a look. Along the way, as the main updraft's hard towers solidly rolled up into the anvil, I stopped quickly at Carhenge, running out into the adjacent grass to grab a few shots of the monument in front of the storm. Later, after observing the storm's closer structure for awhile, we ended up right back at Carhenge for some sunset photography beneath the gust front.

3 NNE Alliance NE (17 Jun 8), looking N