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Hurricane Andrew

Car on Car

Car on Car

Andrew's building-enhanced, swirling gusts deposited a Chevrolet Corsica on top of both a concrete wall and an Olds Calais, looking NW in the IRE building parking lot (Coral Gables). The view at left stands adjoining the spectacle; while the view at bottom peers down from 13 stories aloft. The Oldsmobile belonged to NHC meteorologist Hugh Cobb, who had flown to NMC (now NCEP) in Washington as part of a backup crew. He unexpectedly learned what happened to his car by seeing this scene live on CNN. The airfoiled little Chevy was an Avis rental used by Ron Girellini, a cameraman at WCBS-TV in New York who was covering the storm. Ron e-mailed me many years later to identify that vehicle in these slides.

Looking NW and SW-Down.

Car on Car (from above)