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Pine Ridge Stormscape

Pine Ridge Stormscape

We hadn't expected much this day, storm-wise. Still, somehow, severe thunderstorms erupted in the rolling grasslands of the Wyoming-Nebraska border. That high-based activity shot SE across the Nebraska Panhandle and "gusted out" fast, gushing a dense current of cold outflow across the countryside in what seemed to be a most unhappy ending to our pursuit of stormy enrichment. Many observers would have headed home, perhaps even avoided going out to begin with, on a day with such scant hope for tornadoes or even supercells. Not discouraged by such concerns, we forged on to the sunward side of the convective mess, where this delicious visual meal was served. Moments such as this are a reason we journey so many days and miles every year to that grand place we call the Great Plains.

9 SE Ft. Robinson NE (10 Jun 3), looking ESE