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Space Ship Storm & Massive Tornado

Space Ship Storm & Massive Tornado

(Part 1 of 2) The tornado outbreak of 3 May 1999 was the most destructive in Oklahoma history, and one of the deadliest. The Chickasha tornado was the fourth spawned by this classic supercell. In this wide-angle view, the tornado churns along almost perfectly centered under the large, smooth and nearly circular supercell base. Looming ominously over the darkened countryside, the storm looked like the infamous Hesston KS tornado of 13 Mar 1990, but welded to the bottom of a spacecraft from Independence Day. Visibly powerful, persistent and well-organized, this tornado would do "only" F3 damage on a path which, fortunately, avoided most of the town of Chickasha. Soon, a satellite tornado appeared...

2 SSE Norge OK (3 May 99), looking NW