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Chugwater Sequence 3

Chugwater Sequence 3

I quickly popped on the wide-angle lens for some more all-encompassing views of the tornado, the surrounding classic supercell, and the rolling Wyoming countryiside carpeted in green wheat. Despite the duly ominous rumblings of the tornadic supercell to our west, and its motion toward and slightly to the left of us, no lightning was striking nearby, no hail falling (yet). Western meadowlarks trilled their distinctive calls, seemingly in joyous appreciation of the grandeur of it all. Were it not for the peculiar situation of the bulk of natural light coming from the east in the afternoon, one could stand with his back to this and consider nothing awry. Of course, what storm observer in his right mind would want to turn away from this? Unknown to me, but not surprising once I found out, the forward-flank core at the right (near the mesocyclone) was bombing closer observers with 4-5 inch diameter hailstones. I was glad to be a little farther away, and to be able to stay put and behold this amazing scene for awhile longer in relative calm and peace.

12 E Chugwater WY (20 Jun 10), Looking WSW