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Chugwater Sequence 5

Chugwater Sequence 5

Yes, indeed...the tornado vortex still was there! As soon as I swapped the lenses and got it all refocused, full condensation appeared again. A few storm chasers of varying experience levels, who legitimately were more confused or unsure than I, thought this was two tornadoes, and later changed their minds upon due review. A few others, who seem to relish "notches on the gun" and boast tornado counts like non-geeks tally conquests of sorority girls back at the college frat house, still claim today on their websites that it was two. Nope. There was one tornado circulation near Chugwater, with two episodes of visible condensation to the ground. And we were thoroughly enjoying the splendid spectacle that it was offering. Notice how strikingly similar this condensation stage was to the precious one in Part 2 of this sequence. Until this, I never had seen two distinctly separate stages of the same tornado look so much alike!

12 E Chugwater WY (20 Jun 10), Looking WSW