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Chugwater Sequence 6

Chugwater Sequence 6

After a few moments of putting the camera down, standing there in the strengthening inflow, and simply appreciating the event, I slapped a very wide-angle lens onto the camera and shot the bulk of the storm, before it got too close to document this way. The tornado, by now, was raising quite the broad dust fan beneath what was (again) a non-contact condensation funnel. Unlike before, when the tornado was passing over wet, grassy ground, the plowed field beneath it offered dust to the vortex to mark its near-ground presence better. Meanwhile, the supercell, while beautiful, looked a good deal like many others I had seen that didn't sport a tornado on the southwest side. This supercell was behaving distinctively different than most, which are typically not tornadic. Determining the difference was the abiding motivator for V.O.R.T.EX.-2 (and its predecessor in the mid-1990s); alas, the project was closed down for good by the time this storm occurred.

12 E Chugwater WY (20 Jun 10), Looking W