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Chugwater Sequence 8

Chugwater Sequence 8

Not only was the tornado cut off from the originally supportive storm inflow, the supercell itself was moving into cooler and more stable air left behind by earlier storms that we had witnessed to the east. This very brief, worm-like dissipation stage would be the last tornado action from this storm, though the supercell would persist in a weakened state for another hour or so. About the time I shot this, I heard a loud, low-pitched thud in the mud right behind me. Within about a second, a distinctive splat arose from the pavement to my right. Gorilla hail...time to go! Fortunately, we had a fast east road to take us out of the hailfall before our recently purchased ride got hit. Unluckier observers farther west lost windshields and suffered gruesome vehicular craters from the icy attack of stones larger than grapefruits.

12 E Chugwater WY (20 Jun 10), Looking WSW