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It's BeHIND You!

It's BeHIND You!

Driving southward past the west side of a supercell, out in the rain-free area just behind the storm, we were hearing tornado reports but couldn't see it buried in the storm's murky precipitation shield to our left. While crossing a creek valley, this -- the dying tail end of the tornado being reported -- emerged back to our NE, off port stern. The snakelike funnel had quickly popped out of the dying precipitation shield that had wrapped around a deeply occluded mesocyclone. Our sudden spotting of it, fast pull-off and frantic scramble to get out and view the vortex reminded me of an infamous line from someone's shaky amateur video of a Southeastern tornado: "Look, be-HIND you!" It only lasted a minute or two more, just long enough for us to snap a few photos, and most importantly of all, to enjoy and appreciate the full sensory beauty in the scene. This ghostly west Texas tornado roped out amidst the chorus of meadowlarks, a cool gentle breeze, and the wondrous smell of fresh rain in an arid land. We missed a few other tornadoes that day, and saw a poorly contrasted one later. But thanks to this experience, we finished the afternoon satisfied.

2 N Clairemont TX (12 Jun 5), looking NE