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The Caged Bear

The Caged Bear

(Part 1 of 3) After spawning the Sargent tornado, this supercell underwent a metamorphosis that is common, but still striking -- from classic to HP (heavy precipitation) appearance. The next mesocyclone developed a broad, loose cloud-base circulation that spun slowly for half an hour, trudging along toward the town of Comstock (several miles beyond the low hill in this photo). That circulation then intensified, wrapping more and more rain around itself until it had become a menacing "bear's cage," prompting a tornado warning from NWS North Platte. That warning was unquestionably a good idea. Can you find the "bear" lurking within? Look closely to the left of the grain bins. Yes, that was a fat tornado buried in the rain; and we didn't confidently spot it until about the time of this wide-angle photo. Hence, I switched promptly to a zoom lens...

5 WSW Arcadia NE (9 Jun 3), Looking NNW