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Sandhill Crane Sunrise 1

Sandhill Crane Sunrise

Every spring, the sandhill cranes fly en masse from the Texas coast to Canada, Alaska and extreme eastern Siberia. A map of the migration looks like a lopsided hourglass with the narrows in central Nebraska. Fed by day with leftover field corn from the previous autumn's harvest, these cranes congregate by night in an amazing roost, a loud avian city of millions, crammed into one roughly 60 mile stretch of the Platte River. On this crisp, moist March morning, the rising red sun and the waking stir of many thousands of nearby cranes brought to mind the opening scene of The Lion King, whose introductory music plays in my head whenever I look back at these shots. Indeed, for a few weeks, this valley becomes the closet scene possible to the American Serengeti of Lewis and Clark, a spectacle that every Great Plains enthusiast must witness at least once in life. After sifting through a series of shots, I couldn't decide between these two for exhibition in SkyPix, so here are both!

6 W Doniphan NE (23 Mar 7) Looking E

Sandhill Crane Sunrise 2