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Daytime Lightning

Lightning on Cheyenne Ridge

Lightning on Cheyenne Ridge

[Part 1 of 3] We thought the storm-observing day was nearly over after exiting the backside of an outflow-dominant complex of storms and marveling at its sunset mammatus display. Instead, in the southwestern half of the sky, crackles of distant thunder appeared from an intensifying storm moving generally in our direction, while an occasional, tall stroke split the air beneath. All around, the diffuse warm glow cast rich hues, including light reflected back onto this storm from the bright mammatus display to the northeast. The result was a remarkably well-distributed light for the sunset period, which would have made a favorite shot by itself. Then this electrical explosion lit the storm's delicately translucent core from within, beyond the foreground composition with a fence and vehicle path, together turning this scene into one of my personal all-time favorites.

11 WNW Carpenter WY (7 Jun 12) Looking WSW