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Daytime Lightning

Tall CG from Elevated Left Mover

Tall CG from Elevated Left Mover

[Part 3 of 3] Another sunset CG stroke from the elevated, anticyclnic supercell followed a broadly undulating course with the usual numerous little wiggles superimposed thereon. This was an amazing scene and moment, one of those uncommon but most welcomed storm experiences that I knew, right then, would be a lifetime memory. After this shot, two factors made us depart: the storm's tendency to fling CGs ever closer to our location, and the frigid conditions. I wasn't wearing a jacket, and it was cold up there in 50-degree outflow air, with gusty winds, at 6,000 feet elevation. It's hard to take steady shots when one is shivering and threatened with grave risk!

11 WNW Carpenter WY (7 Jun 12) Looking WSW