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Sunrise, Sunset

Pastels Paint the Plains

Pastels Paint the Plains

Although the western sky provided some bright sunset colors, my attention was more drawn to the eastern view, scuddy with pockets of light rain, filled for just a fleeting moment with a soothing interplay of pastel reflections in land and sky, hues both cool and warm blending together in a serene mosaic with the smells and sounds of a freshly wet landscape. The chorus of thousands of frogs reveled in the newly soaked prairie amidst a moist aroma best described as divinely earthy. Despite a lack of severe weather, this day would yield one of my most deeply fulfilling storm excursions, not only because of this rich experience, but also, a photogenic cloudscapes by day and a flashy light show by night. This is just the smallest sampling of what the Great Plains has to offer, weatherwise and otherwise, and a small part of the reason I come back year after year.

4 NW Rehm TX (10 Jun 5) Looking E