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Multivortex in the Bear's Cage

Multivortex in the Bear's Cage

While driving S to get ahead of a virulently rotating, rain-wrapped mesocyclone, the curtains parted just enough to reveal a stout cone tornado with multiple vortices buzzing around its base (zoom at left, separate wide-angle photo below). Seldom do scenes of rain-wrapped tornadoes offer so much color: a pronounced turquoise hue permeating the deep load of precipitation aloft, the green grass in the distance, and the red earth and stubble of the fallow field in the foreground. We couldn't stand there and admire this display for too long, however. The tornado was moving fairly quickly toward the ESE, to our left, and a forward-flank core with big hail was closing in from its right (our NW). We barely eluded both.

3 WSW Dover OK (19 May 10) Looking WSW