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Tornado through the Rain

Tornado through the Rain

(Part 3 of 3) The Dover tornado, about to dissipate 4 miles to my ESE, was shredding and uprooting trees along US-81 at the time of the photo. The diffuse grayish-pink area to is near right was made of veils of rain circling the mesocyclone, aglow in the cloud-muted pastels of late-afternoon light. Rain also began over my location for the first time since tornadogenesis. This event was part of the largest known October tornado outbreak in the US, with at least 20 confirmed so far over central and northern Oklahoma. A classic Okie tornado from start to finish -- in the fall! Although I couldn't head out to observe the tornadoes on 9 October 2001 in western Oklahoma, I would witness another fall tornado even closer to home, in 2004. Every few years, there is something to be had in the "second season."

5 WSW Dover OK (4 Oct 98), looking ESE