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Raindrops on Window Glass

Raindrops on Window Glass

This image was inspired by three concepts: its beautiful simplicity, uniqueness (no two such photos can be identical), and potential endurance as a reminder of the rainy experience, especially during drought. Hardly any photograph could be easier to capture, too -- simply lie down on the front seat of the car, focus, and shoot through the windshield while it is raining. Instead, before "awakening" to a notion to shoot the photo, I was lulled to daydreaming by the hypnotic patter of the rain on the car in an otherwise quiet part of a parking lot. Except for the knowledge that I was in a public area, this could have led to a nap in short order; when undisturbed, few sounds are more soothing and relaxing than rainfall on a parked car.

Norman, OK (22 Oct 8), looking up