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The Majestic Supercell

Storm of Eden

Storm of Eden

We had been observing another well-structured supercell from the E, near a little settlement called Knickerbocker, when the dryline jumped past our storm and left it to die in the moisture-starved air. Meanwhile, convection to our SE that had been bubbling rather innocuously for almost two hours exploded into the longest lasting supercell of the day. Thus outflanked, we had to take a dreadfully long, scenic route around the new storm's W, S and E sides, also circumnavigating a large road void SE of San Angelo. The bad part was that we missed a tornado as a result. The good part was seeing this crisp, deep, stunning display of atmospheric convection along the way. As spectacular as this supercell looked from the back, the good folks of Eden, Texas, surely weren't associating the place with its namesake garden as this storm pounded their burg with hail up to two inches across. We eventually got ahead of it, just in time for the storm to blast Brady with severe and damaging winds measured at 69 mph.

14 SE Christoval TX (14 May 8) Looking ENE